New Maine Park: 500-1,000 Jobs

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Title: The Regional Economy of Penobscot and Piscataquis Counties, Maine and a Potential National Park and Recreation Area

Date Published: 2013

Reporter/Author/Researcher: Headwaters Economics; Ray Rasker, Executive Director


Summary/quote: “This paper describes the economy of the region where Elliotsville Plantation, Inc. is considering a donation of land to create a National Park and recreation area, along with an endowment for maintenance in the Katahdin Region.

The economy of the study region… has shifted dramatically in recent decades. Forest products industry jobs have declined steadily…a modern services economy, has become the dominant form of economic activity.

There is little evidence that creation of a National Park and recreation area would harm the local forest products industry, or that there would be significant changes in local and state taxes collected. Instead, the NP/NRA has the potential to create new, high-quality experiences that benefit from the National Park Service brand, while protecting a unique flora and fauna, rivers, streams, lakes and ponds, and scenic vistas.”

The combined average private and public sector employment in comparable parks and similar locations is 1,055 jobs.

Key words: jobs, national park, Katahdin Region, recreation, forest products, Elliotsville Plantation, Inc.


Comment: This report, produced by nationally recognized resource economists, was also reviewed and vetted by Maine’s most experienced economists.

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