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Mt. Agamenticus; $5-6 Million Economic Value


Title: Economic Benefits of Conserving Land: Mount Agamenticus Area

Date:  2014

Reporter/Author/Researcher: for Defenders of Wildlife, Kroeger & McMurry

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Summary/quote:  “The total estimated annual value of the land uses included in our analysis ranged from $5.3 million to $6.4 million.”

Key words: recreation, timber harvest, carbon sequestration, water provisioning, open space, real estate value, economics

Comment: The researchers say their analysis is “conservative” as some information was not available or incomplete so there’s even more money in just this one mountain area. Residents and users have worked hard to protect this site and add more land to it. One of the complaints was, of course, the loss of income from land removed from the tax base, but the money that flows from a site like this dwarfs its tax profile. Just the fact that real estate values are higher near this  site and others like it, gives towns a windfall and owners, if and when they sell, more value. (And it’s such a fabulous snowshoe in fresh powder. Animal tracks! Thank you, protectors of the the “Big A.”)


Find Out More: The Mount Agamenticus to the Sea Conservation Initiative (MtA2C) is an effort led by a coalition of ten national, regional and local partners.   Almost 13,000 acres have been conserved. “By 2032, we will protect at least 6,000 more acres to bring the total conserved land in the Mount Agamenticus to the Sea focus area to 19,000 acres.”