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Maine Lakes: 3,000 Jobs, $30 Million In-state Users

 …and Water Quality Increases Property Values

Title: The Economics of Lakes – Dollars and $enseimages2SXCY0V3

Date Published: 2016 (Maine web site)

Reporter/Author/Researcher:  Maine Department of Environmental Protection


Key words: Maine, water clarity, water quality, property value, lakes, recreation, jobs, MichiganimagesUPVCU7A6

Comment: “…study is a partial estimate of user’s economic value and satisfaction because methods constrained estimates to only the most popular Maine lakes and could not include out-of-state users. Maine resident access users spend as much as $153 million annually on their recreation, 59% …spent in the communities nearest those lakes. This use supports as many as 3,000 jobs and generates in excess of $30

million income for Maine residents.

…the overall good water quality of Maine lakes is estimated to boost property owners’ value for lake use by $6 billion dollars more than the cost of the property they purchased.

…earlier studies found that a decline in water clarity can reduce property values by as much as $200 per frontage foot, representing hundreds of millions of dollars in lost property value and that lake use in general supports more than 8000 Maine jobs.” (ME DEP site)

“…users enjoy lakes with higher clarity more than they do those with lower clarity, and they spend less money when they visit lakes with lower clarity. … results suggest that local communities IMG_0057[1]have a substantial, vested economic interest in protecting water clarity…” The Effects of Water Clarity on Economic Values and Economic Impacts of Recreational Uses of Maine’s Great Pondsimages894X6DE1


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