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Maine’s Environment: $14 Billion in Services

” …include nature’s benefits in development accounting” 

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Title: Valuing Maine’s Natural Capital

Date Published: 2016

Reporter/Author/Researcher: Moore, R., Gunn, J.S., and A. Troy; Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences, Natural Capital Initiative Report

Link: Executive Summary

Full report:


“Determining the economic value of natural processes is a new and emerging science, and this report comes as close as ever to a complete evaluation of nature’s benefits in Maine.

The annual contribution of forest-based manufacturing and forest-related recreation and tourism to the Maine economy is over $6.47 billion. But that beauty is skin deep. There is far greater value to Maine’s natural abundance and wildlands than aesthetics and recreation.

Obviously Maine’s grasslands, woodlots, and wetlands are vital to sustaining the ecological health of the Maine landscape. What this report shows is that, more than most people realize, society relies on well-functioning natural systems, too. What happens if we assign and incorporate a dollar value for natural systems into the calculus when we evaluate a development project?

Maine receives the equivalent value of more than $14 billion in natural services per year from its natural environment.”

Key words: nature, ecosystem services, wetlands, tourism, forests, natural capital, economic value

Comment: “As Maine becomes more urbanized, suburban­ized, mined, and otherwise developed and people spread from southern and coastal regions further into the state, the growing number of residents is putting a strain on natural systems. The time is right to include nature’s benefits into Maine’s development accounting.”


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