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About Sandra Neily, ValueNature’s author, writer, and researcher.

S. Neily
An East Boothbay, Maine native who’s also sampled  life in New York, Salt Lake, and Seattle, my career includes diverse efforts to secure the future of our wView Pageoods, waters, and wildlife assets.

As a licensed Maine Guide and river outfitter, I’ve learned to respect rising water levels, mother moose defending calves, and outdoor assets worth defending.

In the trenches of conservation work, I’ve been Maine Audubon’s Policy Analyst and Outreach Coordinator, founder of a coalition to protect the Penobscot River from Great Northern Paper’s 19th dam, the Executive Director of the Maine Conservation School, and co-founder of the Moosehead Region Futures Committee (a regional effort to add increased conservation and economic opportunity to the largest development project ever proposed for Maine and its woodlands).

At Maine Audubon I authored and edited  Valuing the Nature of Maine and Watching Out for Maine’s Wildlife. This economic evidence helped secure the future of our natural assets when Maine’s resource laws and protections were under concentrated attack.

Now it’s time to make these values even more visible.

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Seboomook Rapuds, West Branch Penobscot River